About GLOW Danang

InVision Hospitality announces GLOW Ma Belle Danang coming to Vietnam in April 2019

It is exciting times for GLOW Hotels & Resorts as Vietnam’s famous city of Danang and the beautiful shores of My Khe Beach prepare to welcome the 259-room GLOW Ma Belle Danang.  With mesmerizing sea views and breezes, GLOW Ma Belle Danang rises high above the vibrant city streets and blows into town with the same fresh spirit and exceptional service for which GLOW is known.

Lush mountains cradle the city of Danang on one side while kilometer after kilometer of pristine beach support it on the other.   Unlimited options for exploration and relaxation are on offer, including excellent surfing and sunbathing, as well as the charming historical port town of Hoi An which is only 10 minutes away.

Danang is within 100 kilometers of several UNESCO World Heritage sites and also receives domestic and international flights daily, making in-bound and forward travel easy and efficient.

Whether it’s energetic millennials looking for a funky fun beach getaway, young families looking to unplug from life and reconnect to each other, or those who are young at heart and still have wanderlust, GLOW Ma Belle Danang will throw open its doors to welcome all in 2019…!!

Live Life in Full Colour, Just GLOW!